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SafeBus is a SaaS platform to manage your School Buses with ease.

Want to manage your growing school bus fleet from the comfort of your school – without the hassles of multiple phone calls and complex excel sheets?  Now you can.

SafeBus offers your School the tools, software and expertise to manage your own fleet of School Buses with zero-touch implementation and contextually assisted workflow.

School Transport Management System

Track your
fleet Live

Ensure safety of your School Children

Optimize routes to save time and money

pricing plans

Choose from a variety of reports to suit your needs

SafeBus does all the hard work

School Bus management, Simplified.

SafeBus lets you focus on your school children and we take care of the rest.  Invest your energies in academic excellence while SafeBus takes away all the administrative hassle in school bus management.

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking of your School buses helps you maintain control over your fleet, always.

SafeBus driver app

SafeBus driver app helps the drivers with navigation, pickup points, marking attendance and raising SOS alarms.

Keep track

Keep Track of daily attendance with notifications to parents.

School Bus Tracking System
Parent App

With Parent App, Parents can get real-time location information about their children, their boarding and drop-off time.

Get alerts

Get alerts related to bus deviation from regular routes, boarding and deboarding notifications and more

Access trip history

Access trip history any time upto 1 year past data.

How it works for Parents

Superior School Bus Tracking

No more worries about your child’s safety while travelling to and from the School. Live tracking and timely notifications gives you peace of mind.

How School Bus Tracking System works for Parents?


How it works for School

Superior School Bus Tracking

Keep a tight control over your School Bus fleet at all times. Invest your energies in academic excellence while SafeBus takes away all the administrative hassle in school bus management.


Quick Information

This crystal ball gives you minute by minute information on vehicle location, Vehicle details, driver details, ETA and more.

SoS Alerts

SoS Alerts and route deviation alerts help you manage emergency situations and ensure safety of every child in your school.
Realtime School Bus Tracking System

Never miss an opportunity to save

Cut down on operating expense, significantly

SafeBus lets you focus on your school children and we take care of the rest.  Invest your energies in academic excellence while SafeBus takes away all the administrative hassle in school bus management.

Make the wise decision!

Cost saving

SafeBus helps in significant cost saving through efficient route optimization by suggesting shortest route and shortest travel time.

Cost Saving

Some of our School customers have reported an annual savings of as high as 25%!

Time saving

Reduce overall transport time with route optimization with SafeBus.

Annual Saving

Ensure longer road-life for your buses.

Most cost-efficient solution that fits your school budget

Keep your flexibility with a Zero investment, Pay-as-you-use pricing

Robust GPS Device

5 seconds location signalling

RFID card & reader

To record boarding, deboarding & marking attendance

SOS Panic button

Automatic call trigger on recorded line

Video Monitoring

CCTV, Wi-Fi and Live Streaming camera

School Bus Management Platform

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