SafeBus Benefits

Zero Setup Cost

  • SafeBus comes with zero setup fee. There are no hefty investments on purchase or maintenance of hardware such as GPS, Card Readers or Sensors.
  • SafeBus is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and the entire setup process takes 30 minutes.
Zero Setup Cost for SafeBus
Data Security - School Transportation Software

Data Security

  • SafeBus Tracking Solutions ensure complete safety of your data.
  • The data is hosted on Google, Microsoft, and Amazon cloud server.
  • Encrypted data transmission certifies that the information is available to school authorities and parents only.

Real-time updates

  • Get real time updates for all vehicles on one platform. Traffic alerts, route deviations, over-speeding – SafeBus help you monitor and control.
  • Operations in real time.
Real-time updates - Realtime school bus tracking
Realtime school bus updates to parents

Information in real-time

  • Information is wealth. With the help of SafeBus App, Parents will get all the updates of their children on their SMARTPHONES.
  • Installing the school bus tracking apps provided by SafeBus will be an intelligent step towards enjoying peace of mind.

Child Safety

  • Student safety is of the utmost importance to both parents and school. SafeBus help to ensures complete automation and control for transport operation. Real-time visibility means happy parents.
Child Safety - Emergency Management
SOS - Emergency management

Emergency response - SOS

  • SafeBus provides an option to the attendant to trigger an emergency call from the APP so immediate action can be taken on the same to avoid any harm to students.

Peace of mind

  • SafeBus is designed to simplify the school transport operations for admins, keep parents informed about their children and to help drivers fulfill their duties hassle free. Simple easy to use tool helps schools have complete control with zero hassle.
School Bus Transportation System

Easy to Use

  • SafeBus is easy to set up and use. Access your account from any desktop, laptop or mobile. Different login access for each user with easy to use navigation and setup.


  • School administration can have a streamlined operation process by deploying SafeBus. Transport managers can track the routes followed by the driver, view stoppages, get over speeding and traffic alerts real time. Generate instant reports and simplify your billing process.
Analytics - School Bus Tracking System
SafeBus is best class School Bus Tracking System

Best in class service

  • SafeBus has an excellent track record of 100% customer retention. With our robust support mechanism such as chat support we ensure best in class service.

Unmatched Support

  • 24*7 chat support for the parents to interact with the SafeBus team in case of any technical App issue.
  • SafeBus provides more efficiency and transparency to the over-all transport management system and also ensures the safety of students during commuting.
  • SafeBus is a one-stop solution for all the parents’ needs.
School transport management system - 24x7 support
Easy to use School Bus Attendance Tracking System

Easy to use – Even a novice attendant can use

  • SafeBus simplifies the daily task for all the attendants.
  • Attendants will see the daily routes on the device which student needs to be picked from and to drop where.
  • Students images will be displayed in the Attendant App to help the newbie attendant to identify the students.
  • Attendants can mark any student boarded or alighted from their App.

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