SafeBus School Bus Tracking System Features

Bird's-Eye View of the Entire Fleet

View the status of the entire fleet in one map

  • Keep a bird’s-eye view on your entire fleet of buses with the exact GPS status of the vehicle.
  • Colour coded filters help you know whether the vehicle is moving, stationary, unreachable or over-speeding with live traffic details.


Bird's-Eye View of the Entire Fleet
School Bus Transport Management System

Analytics is better with graphs

Dashboard to view summary of trip, driver and vehicle performance

  • Charts and graphs for easy understanding of all performance indicators in a single glance.
  • Vehicle count, violations, vehicle capacity utilization, vehicle wise punctuality and other statistics available with date filters.

Simple UI for Simple Tasks

Hassle free and quick trip management system

  • Management of trips was never so easy. Just drag and drop students from one trip to another.
  • User-friendly & quick trip creation, modification, trip merge and quick vehicle deployment.
Hassle free and quick trip management system
Plethora of reports to help you make informed decisions

Turn Data Into Information, Information Into Insight

Plethora of reports to help you make informed decisions

  • No trip data is wasted and everything is churned into meaningful information.
  • Make your decisions intelligent and back them with data of trips, vehicles and drivers by using the various reports available in SafeBus.

School Is Happy When Parents are Happy

SafeBus Parent Application

  • Parents can keep track of the transport using the parent app.
  • Our state-of-the-art parent app gets the parents ETA and live tracking with details of the trip.
Realtime school bus tracking system for Parents
Manage multiple kids from one app

One App to Track It All

Manage multiple kids from one app

  • Easy toggle to switch between profiles of multiple kids and view their trips separately in one single app.
  • Each kid has a separate profile and trip record.

Safety in Knowledge

Don’t keep parents waiting at the bus stop

  • Parents can be notified using the in app push notification whenever the bus is about to reach them.
  • Boarding, deboarding and school reaching notifications are also sent directly to the parent app.
Don’t keep parents waiting at the bus stop

Attending Kids the Smart Way

Best in class attendant app for seamless tracking

  • App is so simple and intuitive that any novice attendant can use it.
  • Details of the trip are available in the attendant app half an hour before the trip starts.
  • Attendants can use the app to call and navigate to the student’s address.

Be Prepared for any Emergency

Be prepared and informed on SOS in real time

  • Attendant app is reinforced with the feature of raising SOS alarms on the go. Get connected to the attendant immediately via conference.
  • Admin can view the location of the SOS and nearby vehicles available. Call records and other media shared by the attendant available for download on the admin panel.
SafeBus driver for Emergency Management
24/7 Chat Support for parent queries

When In Doubt, Use Chat Support

24/7 Chat Support for parent queries

  • Parents can easily get their queries solved by using the in app chat support which supports multimedia chat.

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