What All You can do with Data Analytics & Reporting in a School Bus Management Software

School Bus Management Software

The school is entirely responsible for how school transport works, however, the majority of schools manage it manually and offline. But, as the school bus fleet expands this becomes more difficult, and it requires automation which can easily be achieved by implementing a school bus management software.

The school bus software manages all manual operations and can even assist schools in making critical transport-related decisions. With the integration of data analytics and certain reporting analytics schools can unlock new ways of data-driven decision making.

Let’s understand in detail the benefits of leveraging data analytics while using school bus transportation software.

Benefits of Using Data Analytics in School Bus Management Software

Generate Reports

By using data analytics in a school bus transportation software admins can generate multiple customizable reports for analyzing driver and vehicle performance.
The reports are majorly generated on parameters such as speed violation, route deviation & distance, student attendance, geo-fencing violation, trip summary, SOS alert report, and more.

Understand Driver & Vehicle Performance

The reporting capabilities and data analytics in school bus software enable admins and stakeholders to understand driver discipline. For instance, by pulling out a driver-vise time performance report you can identify any particular driver that might be frequently delaying trips.

Budgeting & Cost Management

Further, robust data analytics allow schools to generate and analyze reports on cost-related factors like vehicle maintenance, fuel consumption, and more.
Using these insights the finance team can analyze if any unjustified expense is recurring across months, for instance, excessive fuel consumption or expenditure on bus maintenance. This will assist them in drafting budgets and take measures to reduce cost, or eliminate the expense.

Improved Safety Measures for Students

Using reporting capabilities of an advanced school bus management software, transport teams can generate reports on driver behavior, speeding, adherence to traffic rules, and more. Moreover, users can also check every driver and vehicle’s incident history, to check if any SOS alert was triggered against the driver or not. This will ensure that only well-behaved drivers with a good incident history only drive your students safely.

Identify Training Requirements

Upon analyzing several performance-based driver reports like adherence to traffic rules, you will be able to identify training or upskilling requirements for your drivers.
Moreover, choosing advanced school bus management software like SafeBus trains drivers in advanced electronic technologies like ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) improves their skills related to driving and parking-related functions.


Integrating data analytics and reporting capabilities in a school bus management software allows users to analyze driver & vehicle performance. Based on these reports, school admins and stakeholders can strategically improve student safety, optimize current processes, manage costs, and even draft future budgets. Overall building a smooth and safe travel experience for students.