Build Parents’ Trust with a School Bus Tracking App for Parents

school bus tracking app for parents

Modern-day parents have high expectations when it comes to the schools they choose for their children’s education, and it’s crucial for educational institutions to keep up with these evolving demands. While a robust curriculum and enriching learning experience remain paramount, schools also need to address the convenience aspect that parents seek. Everything from classes to fee payments has been digitalized, but the school transport still adheres to the old-school traditional methods.

In the contemporary landscape, where both parents are often employed and time is a limited resource, a major part of their daily morning routine goes into coordinating with the school’s transport department or waiting at bus stops. Moreover, in the afternoons, concerns about the safety and whereabouts of their children can add to parental anxiety.

So, in this scenario, how can you being a school ensure that parents are at peace about their kids reaching and returning safely from school?

You can empower parents with knowledge and real-time information so that they know every movement of the school bus and their kids. Offering a school bus tracking app for parents like SafeBus is a perfect way to do that. Generally, schools simply deploy a school bus GPS tracking system in the school bus, which primarily only provides information for administrative purposes only. As a result, the information does not flow to parents, leaving them uninformed.

However, by using a school bus tracking app parents can easily live track school buses, get accurate ETAs, receive boarding & deboarding notifications, and all other necessary information related to school transport at their fingertips.

Let’s understand in detail how the school bus tracking app works for parents and its endless benefits for schools and parents, both.

How Does School Bus Tracking App for Parents Work?

An app for tracking school buses like SafeBus, provides real-time information to parents about their kids’ and school bus’ movements. The user-friendly app provides ETA notifications, boarding and deboarding alerts, live tracking, and more in a simple interface.

Let’s understand how this works in detail.

  • Live Tracking: Parents can now know the exact location of a school bus and where their child has reached on their mobile phones using live tracking. This helps them to keep an eye on the bus movement in real-time and know if there is any delay, traffic, route deviation, or any other unforeseen circumstance.
  • ETA Notifications: Parents no longer need to spend time waiting for school buses to arrive. The ETA notification feature timely sends the estimated bus arrival time on the parent app, which helps them plan in a more efficient way. This feature of the school bus tracking application becomes more beneficial during peak traffic hours and monsoon season, when the school bus often gets late.
  • Boarding & Deboarding Alerts: These alerts in the school bus GPS tracking app immediately inform parents as the student boards and deboards the school bus. So, even in the afternoon when school ends, parents get to know when their child has boarded the bus, left from school, and reached home, offering them peace of mind.
  • 24*7 Chat Support: The school bus tracking app offered to parents is supposed to be quick, smooth, and lag-free. Although, even if parents face any technical difficulties or need assistance to gain better understanding of the function, a dedicated support is available 24*7 to provide prompt assistance.

Benefits of School Bus Tracking Application for Parents

Offering an app for tracking school bus to parents proves to be highly beneficial for schools as well. It helps them win parents’ trust in the school’s transportation system and ensure peace of mind.

Discover the benefits of offering a school bus tracking app for parents in detail.

  • Offer Peace of Mind to Parents: Parents no longer need to wait at bus stops or deal with parental anxiety by wondering if their kid has reached home or not. They can simply use the school bus tracking app to check the bus location on their phones and be assured that their child is safe. Beyond its features, the app makes picking and dropping children much more convenient and safer.
  • Strengthens Parents Trust in School: When you being a school assure parents that their child will reach home safely every afternoon, the parent will ask for no more. With a bus tracking app like SafeBus parents are empowered by information in real-time which strengthens their trust in the school and its transportation system. Ultimately, the parent would always want their child to be a part of your school, in fact, they would also spread good word for the institute.
  • Improved Communication: The school bus tracking application offered to parents is in sync with the driver app and the admin dashboard, which ensures accurate information flow in real-time. For instance, if a school bus leaves late or gets stuck in the traffic, an alert on the parent app is immediately triggered to inform about the same. This promptness improves communication between the driver, school, and parents, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Moreover, for better and instant communication, the driver can also connect with parents and vice versa using masked numbers functionality to keep parents’ private contact numbers and details safe.


The sole purpose of offering school bus tracking app for parents is to offer them peace of mind. This app not only streamlines their morning routines but also instills assurance regarding the safety and security of their children within parents. The comprehensive range of features include real-time tracking, timely ETA notifications, alerts for boarding and deboarding, and unmatched customer support. Additionally, the tracking app helps schools strengthen parents’ trust in them, leading to a longer association.