Road Safety Tips for School Children

Children learn as much outside the classroom as in it. They are boisterous, energetic, and easily bored because they are just learning to process the world around them.  As much as you’d like to, you cannot be with them 24*7. Traveling by road is one of the earliest opportunities to teach school children how to navigate the physical world. Here are a few road safety tips to help you do just that:

Walking Safety Practices

Crossing roads safely is one of the biggest challenges for children as they must comprehend traffic flow, traffic signals and judge the right time to cross the road by looking right and left before proceeding

Teach them to recognize a zebra crossing and impress upon them that they must cross only when the traffic light turns red. Yellow means that the signal will soon turn red and green indicates that vehicles are now allowed to move.

Instruct them to always walk on the left side when on the road to avoid clashing with any other people that might be walking on the road. Sticking to the left side makes them less prone to accidents. 

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When stepping down from a car or any vehicle, ensure that they know they must get down on the kerbside. Say no to getting out from the side facing traffic.

Always enter a public bus from the back door and exit through the front to avoid unnecessary chaos. 

Cycling Safety Practices 

Cycling is one of the best childhood experiences. It’s a great way to exercise and to commute to school, classes, etc. 

Teach your children to experience it safely.

Insist on them always wearing a helmet even if they are on the playground in front of your eyes. Make sure it becomes a habit.

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Advise them to cycle along with the flow of traffic not against. This will generally be their left side. Tell them to avoid areas with heavy traffic.

Ensure that their wardrobe includes plenty of bright, reflective clothing to ensure that they will be visible to other vehicles in bright sunlight and dark streets alike.

Teach them to have both hands on the handlebars and both feet on the pedals always.

Before they leave, make sure they know to make sure that the tires are filled with air and that the brakes are in good condition.

Discourage risky behavior. Strictly caution them from dragging their legs on the ground to bring their bicycle to a stop.

They must ring the bell when making any turns and alert someone ahead of their presence.

Teach them to use hand signals to let other drivers know which direction they’re going in. 

Railway Safety Practices

Caution them never to cross tracks even if it appears to be free of trains. Trains can come on suddenly. Even with emergency brakes, trains take at least one minute to stop covering a distance of around 1.6 km. Use the bridge.

Let them know the dangers of running and jumping onto trains. One misstep and they could get their foot caught between the platform and the train. 

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Hanging from the footboard is very dangerous. Tell them to make sure you are a safe distance inside the train.

Advise them to enter the train in a queue in a calm and composed manner as much as possible. Stampeding inside is often more time consuming and very dangerous. 

Lead by Example

The best way to teach and inculcate certain habits in children is to lead by example. Kids do as you do not as you say so make sure you provide plenty of learning opportunities with your own approach.

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