Rewriting the Norm for Safety: SafeBus’s Commitment to Protecting Students Everywhere

With thousands of students using school buses to travel to their schools every day, there comes a need to monitor and protect students from external threats. SafeBus platform is designed for both schools and parents to keep track of their children from the moment they get on a bus to the entire duration of their journey. 

Students face dangers from external threats, accidents, drivers with ill intentions, and more. To protect students from a variety of threats, Safebus’s mobile app and fleet management system can help schools and parents ensure that children are kept monitored at all times. In cases of children in danger, the proper authorities can be notified immediately. SafeBus gives commitment to protecting students everywhere.

There are a plethora of dangers children can face when using a school bus. 


Accidents are a danger to every person on the road. But for children, the danger is even more drastic, since they aren’t mature enough to follow safety rules. 


Children are easy targets for criminals for kidnapping, whether by unauthorized drivers or other unscrupulous parties. Unauthorized drivers can abduct entire buses of children with the intent to cause harm. 

Traffic Management

Traffic is often unpredictable. Without proper traffic management, it can be difficult for drivers to safely deliver children to and from school. 

SafeBus Mobile App

SafeBus mobile app can help parents track and monitor their children while they’re on the school bus. With GPS tracking, parents are given real-time location information. With this information, parents will know exactly when the bus is going to arrive, when their children reach school when they leave, and how long it can take for them to reach the designated destination. 

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If there is an accident, there is a panic button that parents can use to immediately notify emergency services. This removes the delay that’s often associated with accidents, thereby greatly improving the chances for recovering children safely and getting them medical attention. 

With geo-fencing, the parents and schools can also set boundaries as to where drivers can and can’t drive. If they cross those boundaries, authorities are informed immediately to take necessary action. 

To track and monitor when children enter and exit the bus, an NFC chip is used to record movement at the entrance, so every child is accounted for. 

SafeBus Fleet Management System

With the SafeBus fleet management solution, schools can track and manage entire fleets of school buses in a variety of routes with speed and efficiency. 

Schools can dynamically change routes on a daily basis based on which students are attending school for that day. They can also be programmed to avoid traffic jams and accident-prone areas. With geo-fencing, schools can virtually cordon off entire areas to ensure that drivers aren’t allowed to go beyond their routes. 

Intelligent fleet management can not only protect students but also ensure that dynamic route mapping is done to reduce fuel costs and save time taken to transport students. 

With the SafeBus mobile app and fleet management system, Safebus can provide schools, districts, and parents the tools they need to keep their children safe while ensuring that school resources are used intelligently and efficiently to shuttle children from home to school while giving all stakeholders peace of mind and control.

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